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Welcome to The Kaysville Theatre


Whether you’re getting together with family, friends or a special date, come to The Kaysville Theatre for a great movie at an even better price! Located in Kaysville, UT, we have been popping popcorn and showing movies as a family for generations.

Through delivering outstanding customer service, providing a clean theatre, showing good movies, and serving the world’s best popcorn, all at the LOWEST prices, we provide the best discount movie experience in Utah!

We look forward to welcoming you and your family, to our theatre and family!

About Us

The Call family has been in show business for five generations, almost 80 years. We began at the Capitol Theatre on Main Street in Brigham City, Utah. It was a family business then and it’s a family business today. Bill Call worked for his Grandpa at the Capitol Theatre just like his grandkids worked for him at the Kaysville Theatre. When Bill learned how to “thread” the projectors, he was required to stay in the booth the entire time the film ran, because in those days it was necessary to change the film reels every twenty minutes or so. If you were a good projectionist in those days you could change the reel while keeping the words matched up with the actor’s lips, and the audience would never realize you were even in the booth. This was the golden age of Hollywood. Bill watched all of the now classic movies from the tall metal stool in the projection booth ...
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